ÁRIDOS CARASOLES, S.L.U. is a subsidiary of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A., the parent company of a Spanish family-owned business Group with more than 80 years of history.

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. was founded in 1.940, and from its origins it has been dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of cement, proceeding a few decades later to a vertical integration with the incorporation of the concrete and aggregates Business Lines.

Its historical vocation for the manufacture and commercialization of construction materials has been maintained until today, being at the end of the 90's when it was decided to start a new stage of expansion and internationalization, as well as diversification in new strategic sectors with high added value. With a deep restructuring of the Group, the reorganization of all the departmental levels and the incorporation of a new management team led by the third generation of the founding family, the projects envisaged in the new strategic planning were undertaken, which meant a rapid growth with an important investment effort in the acquisition and creation of companies, in the renovation of capital goods and in research, development and innovation.

The CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. Group, without forgetting its industrial roots, has oriented its work philosophy towards a closer collaboration with customers, relying on its experience in values such as integrity and honesty and one highly qualified, motivated and committed professionals, whose work is aimed at offering a wide range of high added value solutions to different industrial sectors, always ensuring the continuous improvement of production processes and the maximum quality of the products and services offered.

Likewise, the CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. Group has acquired commitments that contribute to ethical and responsible growth in all its companies, having been distinguished with the most renowned national and international certifications of management, products and environmental systems, being also one of the first business Groups in the Valencian Community to have obtained the Certification by AENOR of Criminal Compliance Management System, according to the UNE 19601.

Through the strategic plans elaborated in the last years, conditioned by endogenous and exogenous factors, that is to say by the internal circumstances of the Group and by the conjunctural situation of the markets in which its subsidiary companies have presence, the strategic line of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A., has been being made concrete, focused on fulfilling what are considered the three fundamental pillars that will support the present and future of the Group of companies, such as expansion, diversification and internationalization, which has meant the implementation of a balanced business model that has successfully combined the old and new Areas of Activity that make up the Group of companies.

The CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. Group is currently present through its subsidiary and investee companies in various sectors of activity, with proven experience and specialization in each one of them, having in turn several consolidated Business Lines, with high quality products of own manufacture and maximum performance.

The main Areas of Activity as well as the various Bussines Lines that make them up, and which are currently being developed through the subsidiary and investee companies of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. are: CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (Cement, Concrete, Mortar, Aggregates), CHEMISTRY (Construction, Fuels, Agriculture), ENVIRONMENT (Treatment and Recovery of Urban Waste, Ecoparks) and BIOTECHNOLOGY (Recombinant Gonadotropins, Antibodies-ELISA, Development of biological in vitro tests, Induction of reproductive cycles).

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. is therefore a business Group made up of a diversified set of companies with a presence in different sectors and markets, both national and international, oriented towards sustainable growth, job creation, commitment to the progress of society, and the generation of sustained profitability, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of any company, the creation of value for its shareholders.

+ info : www.corpturia.com