ÁRIDOS CARASOLES, S.L.U. has 50 years of experience in the production and marketing of natural aggregate, which makes us an important reference in the province of Valencia.

Our production processes follow the highest quality standards. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to produce the best aggregate, offering the customer confidence not only in the quality of the product but also in the excellent service and technical advice offered by our highly qualified professional team.

The Carasoles Quarry has a production capacity of 700,000 tonnes per year and offers the construction sector an extensive catalogue of top quality solutions, for all types of applications, including aggregates for the manufacture of cement, concrete, mortar, asphalt, rockfill, etc.

Our aggregates have the CE Marking to be marketed for uses in accordance with harmonised standards. We put our greatest interest in having the best means and processes, for which we also have our own quality control laboratory.

Our work philosophy and our commitment to continuous improvement means that we have a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE- EN ISO 9001 standard and a Criminal Compliance Management System in accordance with UNE 19601.

The sustainability of our activity has one of its fundamental pillars in the rehabilitation of the natural space affected by the mining activity.

Based on the Administrative Authorisations that regulate the activity of Carasoles Quarry, we have the capacity to recover materials covered by the provisions of Order APM/1007/2017, of 10 October, on general rules for the recovery of excavated natural materials for use in backfilling operations and works other than those in which they were generated. We recover uncontaminated excavated soils and other excavated natural materials from construction or demolition works, such as lands, clays, silts, sands, gravels or stones, included in the LER code (European Waste List) 17 05 04.