Since 1971, we have been extracting, processing and marketing limestone rock from the Carasoles Quarry located in the municipality of Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia), with a production capacity of 700,000 tons per year.

ÁRIDOS CARASOLES, S.L.U. has 50 years experience in the production and marketing of natural aggregate, which makes us an important reference in the province of Valencia.

Our production processes follow the highest quality standards, and we bring in the experience and knowledge necessary to produce the best aggregate, even having our own quality control laboratory offering the customer confidence not only in the quality of the product but also in the excellent service and technical advice offered by our highly qualified professional team.

The heterogeneous nature of the deposit exploited by ÁRIDOS CARASOLES, S.L.U., together with the availability of grinding and classifying equipment suitable for these characteristics, allow us to produce and market a wide range of products suitable for a wide variety of uses and multiple types of application, as a raw material for cements, concretes, mortars, asphalts, fertilisers and others, as well as for making road bases, screeds or paving in any type of building, infrastructure, urban development, etc.

We offer the aggregate in two formats:
       - BULK
       - BAGGED

Our work philosophy and our commitment to continuous improvement have allowed our aggregates to have the CE marking to be marketed for uses in accordance with harmonised standards, as well as having a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and a Criminal Compliance Management System in accordance with the UNE 19601.

All of this is carried out under strict working standards that guarantee the sustainability of the activity, one of its fundamental pillars being the rehabilitation of the natural space affected by the mining activity carried out.

Choose the aggregate you need

You will find the aggregate catalogue according to their most common uses. If you need information or advice for a specific use, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team or technical team.


We are experts in aggregate and its many applications

Type of Application

Aggregates for CONCRETE:
EN 12620:2002+A1:2008

Sand 0/2
Gravel 6/12
Sand 0/4
Gravel 12/20

Aggregates for MORTAR:
EN 13139:2002, EN 13139:2002/AC:

Sand 0/2 Sand 0/4

(EN 13043:2002, EN 13043:2002/AC:2004

Sand 0/4
Gravel 6/12
Gravel 12/20

Aggregates for GRANULAR LAYERS:
EN 13242:2002+A1:2007

Zahorra 0/20 Zahorra 0/32

Aggregates for OTHER USES:

Sand 0/2 C
Regrinded Sand
Gravel 5/8
Gravel 12/20
Crushed 20/40
Stone Masonry
Zahorra 0/20
Selected S40
Sand 0/4
Morterenca Sand
Gravel 6/12
Crushed 40/80
Zahorra 0/32
Selected S20
Selected S80